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October 28, 2011
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England X Reader X France


This is my first Threesome story. XD

I hope you enjoy it and sorry for spelling mistakes.



You sighed, You saw books, chairs, pens and.............Scones flying through the room. France and England were fighting again, About stuff that you really didn't know. You like England because he was a gentlemen, kind, sweet and you really liked his cooking. You liked France because even when People say he's a perv, He really was a nice person. You can speak France and when he is not a perv, you have a nice talk with him. It was hard to pick which one you liked the most.

France and England started to choke each other.

"Fuck you!"

"Fuck you, Fuck off!"

"Dudes, I have some thing to say. I'm having a ball tonight for all of the country's! Annddd You have to dance with someone" America grinned.

France and England stopped "D-Dance with someone!?" Then they both turn to you, To see your head resting on the table.


You were walking home with England.

"S-So the dance, right?" He said nervously.

You nodded "Yeah, I can't wait. But I don't know who to go with?"

You then felt England holding your hand "I-I was wondering, If you would like to go to the dance with me?"

You blushed "U-Ummmm I don't know what to say?" You said blankly.

England then kissed your lips "Please say yes" He said softly.

"Y-Yes, England. I would love to go with you" You smiled.

"Great, Then I'l see you at 8!" England then run off.


You were picking out a dress to wear for the Ball, You couldn't wait to go with him. You then heard your door bell rang, You went downstairs and opened the door.

"Bonjour, ma petite fleur" He then handed you a rose. [Hello, my little flower]

You grabbed the rose and sighed "You know I don't like you calling my that, you France grenouille"

He frowned "Awwww you know I don't like you calling me a frog"

You laughed "What's up, France?"

He placed his hands on your shoulder "I was wondering, if you would like to go to the ball with me?"

"U-Urrr well, I go...."

You were cut off my France's lips "S-S'il vous plaît ne dis pas non" [P-Please do not say no]

You slowly nodded "I-I would love to go with you"

He smiled with glee "fantastiques, I'l pick you up at 8" He then Skipped away. [Fantastic]

"Oh no, I got two dates" You side quietly.


England was walking down the street to your house, He was holding a flower for you. When he looked back up, he jumped to see France.

"W-What the bloody hell are you doing here!?"

"I should ask you the same thing. I going to the ball with, ________________"

"No, I'm going to the ball with _______________"

They both jumped and started to choke each other. You then looked out your window to see them fighting, You rushed downstairs and ran out of your house.

"Y-You guys stop it!"

They both stopped and looked at you "Who did you say yes to, _______________!?" They both said.

"I said yes to both of you"

They both looked at you surprised, You looked away from there eyes "I-I Love both of you, It was hard to pick because you both mean so much to me. I-I just wish there were both of me to go out with you both" It was silent for awhile and tears ran down your face.

France and England both gave you a hug.

"W-Were sorry, _______________. We didn't mean to get your heart tied up"

France nodded "il a raison, Were sorry" [He's right]

"I love you, _____________" England kisses you.

Then France moved your head to him "je t'aime, _____________" He kissed your lips as well. [I love you]

"I love you too, Guys!" You laughed.

England and France then lift you up and walked to your house.

"W-What about the ball?"

"I don't think America will mind" England Grinned.

"Hohohoho I think this is better"


You slowly woke up to see France and England hugging you both sides..............oh and PS you're all naked.

You smiled "I love you, Guys"

THE END! :heart: + :heart:
I'm sorry if the French is wrong (I can't speak France, Sorry -_-; )

I hope you like it! :hug:

Request from :iconyarj:

:iconnanathefurret: Showed me this for the story [link] LOL!!! XD
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