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September 11, 2011
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France X Reader: Pub!

You were trying to find the nearest pub, so you could get drunk. You had a bad day at work and you needed to forget about it.


You soon saw a pub called Downtown...... Funny. You entered the pub, walked towards the bar and sat down. You ask for a large beer.

"Are you sure, miss?" You nodded and grabbed the drink.

After a while you heard the door slam open, you turned around and saw three guys..... Posing? One with blond hair, one with brown and one with silver? You sighed and turn back to your drink 'Great! Gay guys!' You heard people on both sides of you. You looked to your left to see the brown haired guy, and looked to your right to see the blond guy and you looked up to see silver hair guy behind you. You sighed again looking at you drink. Suddenly you felt two arms around you, and one on your head.

"Hohohoho we have a lonely women here, no?"

'That blond guy sounds French.' "What do you guys want? The gay bar is down the street." One of then laughed

"Kesesese Oh no, we are in to girls. That's why we're here."

'GOD leave me alone!' you thought. "Fine! But don't bother me"

"Awww but you look so lonely" The brown haired guy said; he sounded Spanish

"I like being alone." You drank your beer until the one behind you turned your head to his face was only inches from your own.

"No one likes being alone. here, let me show a good time" You punched him face, and he fell on the ground holding his bleeding nose. "AAAHHH GOD DAMMIT WOMAN!"

You drank your beer again "I said leave me alone." He stood up and out of NOWHERE, He had two band-aids on his nose that formed an 'x' shape. 'WHEN DID HE DO THAT!?'


After an hour you found out their names; Francis - Blond hair, Gilbert - Silver hair and Antonio - brown hair.

All they did was flirt with all the girls. You laughed when Gilbert got punched in the face again by one of the girl's boyfriend. They sometimes talked to you without flirting, which was good. You had a lot in common with Francis who was ALWAYS flirting with you and that's why you kept banging him on the head.

'I think I like him.....'

"Please stop doing that Mademoiselle _____________"

You looked at him and smirked "Stop flirting with me then." Francis sat next to you at the bar, you turn to him and he looked upset.

"What?" he held your hand

"Why are you upset?"

"W-What!? I'm not upset, I'm fine." He looked away from you.

'Is he blushing?' You thought.

"Then why are crying?" You put your hand on your cheek and felt tears on your face.

"Oh! I-I don't kn....!" Then all of the sudden Francis kissed you and wiped away your tears. You pushed him away and stood up so fast that your stool fell.

"Wh-What do you think you're doing?!" All eyes were on you In the pub.

"I was ju....."
You shook you head, grabbed your bag and left the pub.


"Fucking French guy! Who does he think he is?" You said, storming home. You heard footsteps behind you. 'Great, they're following me. Maybe he wants to apologize to me about what happened at the pub.' Then a hand went around your body and dragged you off.

"WHAT THE HELL!" You looked up to see three guys, one of them was holding you, and another was holding a bat.

"Oh look! She's trying to talk back to us"

You tried to get away but the guy was holding too tightly.

"Let's show her what we can do." Tears were running down your face.


He put his hand over your mouth "Ssshhh you don't want us getting into trouble, do you?" He whispered in your ear

'Please some h-help'

Then you heard screaming behind you and the guy turned around; you were so happy to see the three men from the pub. One guy was on the ground and the other was held by the collar by Antonio

"You should let her go now" The guy was trying to run off with you until Francis kicked the guy in the face and fell to the ground.

"I learned that from yo...."He began. You ran up to Francis and gave him a hug.

"Thank you! Thank you!" You felt him put his arms around you

"I'm just glad you're OK"

"Jet'aime" You said and buried your face in Francis's chest. You looked up at him and saw him stunned.

He kissed you. He put his arms around your waist and you put your arms around his neck.

"Jet'aime, ____________" He gave you another hug and you were about to kiss him again until you heard Gilbert.

"Woooooowwwww, GO FRANCIS!" He shouted. You stuck your tongue at him and gave Francis another kiss.

Yes this was a Great day after all....

Hope you like it! =)


Request from :iconblackwhiteyellowblue:

Madameoiselle - Miss
Je t'aime - I love you

(Story by me)

(Hetalia is not) aawwww =(
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RARmonsterrrr Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2012
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X-Izaya-Orihara-X Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2012
Actually it's Je'taime not Jet'aime :3 just wanted to let you know~ it's a cute story! I was actually expecting America to show up at the end to make it funnier and say 'Ill get those bad guys!' then there's none! XD
animekath Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2012   Digital Artist
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That's what I was expecting XD
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