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September 25, 2011
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Germany X Reader: My trip

You all ways wanted Germany to notice you and Be proud of you...... But he mostly talks to Italy. Even when you live with the Axis and Germany still doesn't talk to you a lot, You only live with them because Japan is you best friend. You are a country like the others and you all ways wonder how you two met.

~World meeting - Hallway~

"Ah, ____________-San. Its so good to see you again"

You gave him a hug "Its good to see you too, Japan!"

He let go of you and smiled "So your joining our side, Right?"

You nodded "Of course I am! I cant go vs my friend. That just mean!"

"HEY JAPAN!" You both turn to see an Italian boy in front of you.

He jumped and gave you a hug "Hello, I'm Italy!"

You giggled "Hi, I'm _____________"

"Stop running Italy!" You all turned, to see a tall blond man.

'Wow, he looks cute'

"Oh Germany! This is, ________________! She will be on our side"

Germany turn to you and back at Italy, 'Was he blushing?'

"Ja, Hi"

"Um Hi?"

Japan turn to you "So ____________-San, Are you going to live with us?"

Germany turn to you quickly.

"Um yes, I am.... If you guys don't mind?"

Japan smiled "Its OK with me, ___________-San"

Italy nodded "YA, we can have pasta together and SING!"

You turn to Germany "Um are you OK with it?"

He looked away from you "Ja, I'm fine with it"


And NOW back to reality, You have lived with them for the past few months. You thought what would make Germany Realized you is training!

Germany was looking through the house for you for work business.

"Umm Hey. Have you guys seen, _____________?"

They both turn to him "______________, Said she was go training again"

He looked at Italy confused "But!? Ain't it raining it down?"

Japan nodded "Hai, I try to stop her. But she refused"

Germany sighed "I'll go see her if shes OK"


Germany was holding an umbrella and going to the field. Germany saw you running around the field, All wet and tired. You then fell on the ground, Germany was going to run to you but you stood you and started running again.

'I-I have to do this..... For Germany'

'Vhy is, _____________ doing this? She needs to stop... But....'

Germany sighed and walked back inside before turning to you again 'Don't hurt yourself'


They were all in the kitchen, Italy making the dinner. They heard the door open and you limped in.

You breathed deeply "H-hi guys........ What for D-Dinner....?"

Germany turn to you and saw your knee was bleeding "_-___________, Your bleeding"

You looked down and sighed "Hehe sorry. I'l g....."

You were about to turn but pain was in your leg, That You fell forward.

"_____________!" Germany jumped from his seat and grabbed you just in time.

You blushed when his arms are around you and your face was a few inches from his "Um Germany.... You can let go"

He shook his head "nicht, I'm taking you to your room"

He lift you in bridal style "Italy, get the first-aid kit"


You were on your bed, with your back on your pillow and Germany was at the bottom of your bed, Warping your knee.

"______________, how come you vere out there in the rain"

"W-Well I was... Um..... Just training"

You smiled but it was gone when Germany looked at you with them blue eyes "Come on, ___________. Tell me the truth"

You looked away from him "Well I was doing it...... Because of you"

He looked at you surprised "W-What?"

You blushed "...So that you can notice me A-And think I'm strong like you"

'Oh No, My face is melting!'

Germany sighed "I-I do.... I'm just busy"

"B-But you all ways hang out with Italy"

"Vell he all ways hang out with me.... I cant stop him.... And I know you are strong and smart and beautiful...." He realized what he said and blushed, looked away from you.

'I-I'm beautiful?'

He finished doing your knee "Ok, you need to rest. I'l take your socks off"

When he did, He saw a bit of cuts on your right foot "I'l do that as vell"

He put a plaster on your cut and kissed your foot, You blushed. He then went to you knee, sliding his hand under your leg and kissed your bandaged knee. He then paused and gripped his free hand on your covers.

'Is he Ok?'

He then started kissing up you slowly "G-Germany!?"

He lift a bit of you shirt and kissed the side of your stomach, You blushed deeply. He then leaned in and kissed your shoulder and neck Then bit in.

"G-Germany wh..." You moaned a little and felt Germany smirk on your neck.

"_______________" He whisperer in you ear, That you felt a shiver down your spine.

He bit your earlobe and kissed your cheek, His warm breath was on going down your neck. He was about to kiss your lips but you both heard banging in the kitchen.


Germany sighed and walked towards the door "I-I'l be back" He left the room.

You placed a hand over your mouth 'H-He was about to...... Kiss me'


You entered the room and was holding your shotgun for support. [Me: Oh yes your Favorite weapon is your shotgun....... You love it =3]

They all turn to you "Um whats wrong?" You looked at Germany, He looked away and blushed.

Japan sighed "Well we were making our dinner.... But Italy added something and exploded it"

"Um how did he........ Never mind"

"W-Well that means we need to cook something else, But what!"

You sighed "I'l make something"


After dinner, You went out side when it stopped raining. The moon looked beautiful out at night.

"Wow.." You said quietly.

You heard the door open, You turn to see Germany "Um Hi, Germany"

He nodded "Ja, Can I sit with you" you Nodded.

Germany sat next to you and it was quite for awhile.

"Um ______________. I'm sorry vhat I did.... You know.... Back in your room"

You nodded slowly, He continued.

"Vell... I liked you for awhile, Well..... For real, The first time I met you"

You blushed and turn to him "S-Same here, G-Germany"

He leaned in and gave you a soft kiss, You both entered your tongues in each others mouths, You moaned little in his mouth.

After a minute later, Germany broke the kiss.

"I-I love you, ______________"

You hugged him "I love you too, Germany"

"And soon, you will be moaning out my name"

You blushed, Germany grabbed your hand and he walked into your room......... You did moan out his name..... All night....


"Ve~ Germany, Germany. Where are youu"

"Hmmm I wonder where, Germany-San is?"

"Hey! What if, ________________ knows where he is"

They both opened your door and jumped to see you and Germany in bed together naked, They shut the door quietly.

"Umm well..... We founded, Germany"

Italy smiled "Congrats for, Germany and _______________!"

I hope you guys like it! :hug:

Request from :iconcheese1231: I hope you like it!

And I just realized something? How come on most of my Country X Reader they all ways have sex at the end!?

...I'm sick.... =_=;

(Story by me)

(Hetalia is not)
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