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September 11, 2011
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Italy X Reader: First Kiss

You were walking to College and you couldn't wait to see your close friend, Feliciano. He has been so nice and kind to you, so in return you always made him pasta.

"________________, LOOK OUT!" You turn to see Feli running full speed; you jumped to the side to let him pass. "SORRY! I'LL SEE YOU AT SCHOOL!"

You had a confused look on your face as you looked after him. "GET BACK HERE!" You turned around again to see Ludwig, who was panting. 'Ohhhhh now it makes sense.' Ludwig stopped next to you and you patted his back. "Hi Ludwig, good morning."

He looked up at you with a small frown on his face. "Ja, good morning."


You were walking with the German man next to you. "So what did Feli do this time?" You smiled,

"Vell Fel was so happy about going to College that he vorgot to do training, his homework and forgot his bag."

You looked at him confused "Why was he so happy on going to college?" Ludwig looked at you and then away.

'Was he blushing?'

"Vell he was happy to see you."

You blushed as well and looked forward "W-Why?"

"He has something to tell you" You looked at Ludwig again.

"Oh? What is it?"

He shook his head "I don't know. He didn't tell me" You looked forward again.

'I wonder what it Is?'


You and Ludwig arrived at College, and you saw Feliciano at the gate waiting for you. "Ve~ ____....." he stopped when he saw Ludwig. "Ummm Ludwig I'm sorry If I did anything wrong" He laughed nervously.

"You vorgot this." He threw the bag at him.

"OH MY BAG!" Ludwig walked past both of you.

"Bye!" Hou waved to him, and turned to Feli. "Ummm Feli? Ludwig said you needed me for something?" You noticed him blush.

"Ve~ yes I was wondering If you would come with me after school and study with me." You looked at him with a bland face and then smiled.

"Of course I can Feli!"

He looked up at you and smiled "Thank you, ____________!"

You began to dig through your bag. "Look what I got." Feli's smile grew.



You and Feliciano were in the library alone after school, you sat next to Feli with a math book in front of you on the table.

"So! What do you need to do?" He turned the pages until he stopped at a page titled "Handling data".

"Um you're stuck on this?"

He nodded. "Yes, it's only two pages.... You don't mind right?"

You smiled at him. "Not at all, I love spending time with you!" You quickly noticed a blush spread across your Italian friend's face.

"Hey, are you ok? Your face is red."

He shook his head "Oh No! I'm Ok" You nodded and went back to the book.


For the next hour you helped Feli out with his math. While you helped him, he always looked at you. Whenever you looked at him, he blushed.

"OK! We're done!" You lay back on the chair with a pencil in your mouth.

"Wow, Thanks ____________" You stood up straight and smiled

"No problem!" You said, and began putting your stuff in your bag.

"Umm ___________?" You looked at him and smiled.

"Ya Feli, what's wrong?"

Feliciano turn away from you and blushed "I was wondering, do you.... Have a crush.... On anyone?"

Your eyes widened "No I don't..... Why are you asking?"

"I was just wondering."

You closed your eyes and sighed "Look I don't know what's going on in n your head, but you better....."

You were interrupted by Feli's lips pressing against your own. You blushed deeply. After a minute Feli backed off and looked away.

"That's why.... I was wondering if you can be with me." You were stunned at what he had said, and you looked up at him. He looked upset and turned away from you. "Oh. I see, you don't feel the same way...... Ludwig told me I shouldn't because It might ruin our friendship." You then saw a tear run down his cheek.

"Feli...." You said quietly.

"I should go" Feli grabbed his stuff and ran out of the Library.

"FELI WAIT!" You ran out of the Library as well but he was nowhere to be seen........


'STUPID _____________! Why didn't you see that coming?!' You were walking to Feliciano's house to see him; you wanted to tell him how you feel.

You stopped when you saw Feliciano's house in front of you, and you walked up the stairs and knocked on the door.

"ONE MINUTE!" The door opened and Ludwig was standing there. Then you remembered; he was living with Ludwig and Kiku as roommates.

"Hi.... Can I see Feli, please?" He nodded and you walked past him into the house. Their house was lovely and clean. You went In the living room and saw Kiku drinking something.

"Hi Kiku." He turned and smiled

"Hi _______-San, Feli is upstairs. He told us what happened."

Ludwig put his hand on your shoulder "Ja, let him down easy.... Ok?"
You shook your head "I'm going to tell him how I feel." They both looked at you and smiled.


You went down the hallway and knocked on Feliciano's door. "What Is It, Ludwig? I'm not In the mood"

"It's not Ludwig." There was a brief silence before you said, "I'm coming In" You opened the door and saw the Italian boy on his bed holding a pillow

"Hi...." he nodded

"Hi..." you said and door behind you.

You walked towards him and sat on the bed next to him.

"I-I'm sorry what I did ____________, I hope you're not mad."
You turn to him confused "Why would I be mad?"

He turned and blushed "Well.... That was your first kiss, right? And it was mine as well" Your cheeks went red,

"Y-Yes but....." You hold both of his hands in your own and you both looked at each other "I'm glad It was you." He looked at you surprised.

"Ti Amo, Feliciano" He blushed and smiled.

"Ti Amo, __________" You both leaned in and gave each other a gentle kiss, Feli put his arms around your waist and your hand went through his hair. You accidentally touched his curl that and it made him moan In your mouth.

"W-What was that?"

He blushed deeply. "Ummm well that's my..... My erogenous zone…"
You looked at him blankly "Oh?!" He shook his head.

"Awww don't look at me like that, I'm still a virgin."

You smiled. "I am as well.........."


Ludwig and Kiku were In the Living room drinking until they heard voices from up stairs...


They both looked down at their cup, and blushed.

"Um do you vant to go out to eat?" Kiku nodded his head.

"Yes please" they both stood up and left as fast as they could.......

It was your best day EVER.....

I love this one and I hope you like it as well! =D

Thank you soooo MUCH :iconnanathefurret: :hug:

It was Requested from :iconfinnahshella: , :iconambymation: , :iconpurplekitten45: AND :iconshadowwing15: hope you guys like it!

(Story by me)

(Hetalia is not) DAME!
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XD lol poor japan he just there drinking boom lol
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Lol loved it, it was amazing!
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