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Italy X Reader X Prussia: Pasta with Beer

I hope you like it and sorry for Spellings and Grammar......I SUCK AT IT! =3=

That's it, ENJOY!


~~~Eight years old~~~

"Italy, Italy, come on!" You shouted to your close friend.

You ran across the green grass, laughing and happy.

"_-___________! What if Austria, found out that we run off"

"Oh come on, Italy. I want to show you something!"

You and Italy ran towards a bush and you slightly opened it "Look, look Italy!"

Italy Look in the bushes and a small puppy, with brown spots and Beautiful white fur, asleep.

"Awwwww he's so cute!" He giggled.

"Kesesese~ Vell, what do we have here?"

You both turn to see Prussia, behind you and jumped from his laugh. You covered the dog with bushes and turn to, Prussia.

"Oh H-Hey, Prussia!" Italy smiles.

He leaned forward, close to you and Italy's faces "Vhat have you got there?"

You shook your head "N-Nothing"

It was kind of weird when Prussia, was around. He all ways give you a weird grins and winks at you, that it leaves some..........Weird feeling inside.

You and Italy froze, when the puppy slightly cry.

"That's not nothing. It sounded like a pup"

His hand went towards the bush, but you stood in front of him "F-Fine it is, But you can't tell Austria. B-Because he'll get rid of I-"

Prussia's hand was on your chin and tilted your head up to his, that it made you slightly blushed.

"I Vont tell" He said in a deep voice.


'Why am I feeling like this?' You thought.

Italy frowned and pushed his hand away "I-If you hurt the puppy, T-Then…"

Prussia chuckled "I'm not going to hurt it.......Vhat if, I take care of him for awhile"

"Y-You would do that?"

He nodded "Of course, it's my word. Anything for a cute girl"

You looked down at the floor "S-Sure, But don't hurt him"

"I promise"

~~~Ten Years old~~~

"ITALY! _____________! WHERE ARE YOU AND CLEAN UP THIS MESS!" Austria shouted.

You and Italy put Jam on Austria's piano and ran off.......Just for fun.

"Italy, run faster!"

"I-I'm trying!" He breathed out.

You opened the washing room door with Italy and Hidden in the large cupboard, with Italy.

"Y-You ok, Italy?"

"Yeah, I guess"

When you both herd the door open, Italy hold you close and closed his eyes.

You blushed......Again.

Weird feelings started up again, like Prussia. When Italy holds you close, butterfly feelings are in your stomach and your head gets kind of dizzy.

"Hmmmm They don't seem to be here…"  You then heard the door closed.

Italy slowly lets you go of you "I-I'm sorry, ______________. I just get scared, that's all" He then blushed.

"That's ok, Italy" You smiled "I love hugs from you"

You both stayed there for awhile and he never let you go.

~~~Seventeen Years Old~~~

You and Italy Have been living to gather for many years now and been really close friends. You also lived with Germany and Japan, as well and loved all of them as friends.

"Hey __________, what do you think?"

He tilted your head up and let you taste some pasta sauce in you mouth "……Mmhh Good as all ways, Italy" You laughed.

"Hey Italy, ____________, I have something to tell you"

You both turn to, Germany "About what?"

He sigh "Vell, I have my Brother coming round for a few days"

You and Italy looked at each other.

"I know, I know. You guys are not a big fan of him, but he just had some bad problems"

Italy shook his at you and you looked back at him with puppy eyes.

"Oh and he said some thing about a......Dog?"

You begged Italy, with your eyes.

He sigh "V-Ve~ He can come..."

"Sure, Of course" You smiled.

Germany nodded and walked out of the kitchen, while Italy placed his head on the table.

"Ve~...Why is he coming here?"

You patted his back "He might be coming because of his problems"

"I just don't like him, not even when I was a kid"

"Why's that"

Italy stopped his words and said nothing…..He didn't want to tell his  secret to you.


You heard the door bell rang.

"Hmmm he must be here and so early."

You walked out of the kitchen and down the hallway, to open the door. When you opened it, someone glopped you that you fell on the floor.

"W-What th-"

"Kesesese Hello there, ____________!"

You looked up to see dark red eyes on yours "P-Prussia get off me!"

"Vhy? You're so soft"

His arms went around you and snuggled on the corner of your neck, which you started to blush.

"Prussia, get off!"

His hand slid down your side, to go for your breast.

"Das reicht!"    (That's Enough........Is that right?)

Prussia looked up, to see his Germany brother in a fume.

"Awww Hey Bruder, what to join?"

Germany grabbed, Prussia By his collar and picked him up.

"She's my friend and you can't do that to her.....You ok?"

Your whole body froze, But you felt so warm inside.

"..Y-Yeah, I'm ok..." You stood up.

"Just go to your room"

"Fine, fine..... I'll see you at dinner" He winked at you and walked up stairs.

You and Germany didn't know, Italy was looking around the corner. He slowly walked back to the kitchen and stud there stiff. His hands turn to fists and he punched the wall with all his might, with anger and jealousy.



It was dinner and for dinner it was........Pasta...

You kept looking at Prussia and Italy, Because They both keep looking at each
other......And not in the good way.

You look down at Italy's hand, to see it bandage "I-Italy, what happened to your hand?"

He slightly chuckled "I-I cut it by accident"

Your hand was on top of his, slightly rubbing it "Be careful next time ok?"

He nodded "V-Ve~..."

Prussia, frowned from the hand touching. Your dog then ran in barking, wagging its tail.

"Hi, Spot!" You tossed him a meatball.

"Has he been a good dog?"

Prussia nodded "Yes he has"

He looked at you and grinned 'But you have been a bad girl" He thought.

You slightly blushed the way he was looking at you, so you turn to Italy.

"T-This pasta is lovely as all ways" You smiled.

He just nodded 'Italy, doesn't act this way?"

You walked down the hall way to your room, But a hand dragged to another one.

"W-What the hell"

You looked to see similar red eyes "Prussia!?"

"Nawwww You look sexy"

"What are you doing?"


He smashed his lips on yours, without even thinking. His hands slid on you back and started to rub up and down.

You pushed him off and wiped your lips "W-What are you doing, Prussia!?"

"Kissing you kesese~!"

You slowly walked backwards, when Prussia started to walk forward "L-Listen, I'm flatted but.... This is wrong"

"Vhy's that?"

Your back hit the door and Prussia Placed a hand on the side of the door, near your face.

"W-W-Well, One you're older..."

He frowned "That hurts"

"And W-We have nothing in common"


You didn't say anything...

"I know you like me. The way you looked at me, when you were younger and the way you blushed."

"That didn't mean anything!"

He leaned forward "Does this..."

He grabbed your wrist and tossed you on the bed "N-No Prussia!"

He crawled over you and kissed you again, while his hands un-buttoned your top.

'Oh god, please help me!'

The door swung open "_____________!"

Prussia was the hit on the face and fallen off the bed, That you head shot up to see


"You ok, Bella?"

Italy was then punched by Prussia.

"You have no right punching me, you fucking pasta lover wimp!"

"You have no right touching her!"

Italy punched him in the stomach and he went down hard.

"P-Please you guys, stop!"

Prussia then jumped on Italy and started to punch him repeatedly.

You ran over and pushed Prussia off him "Stop it, Prussia!"

Prussia was fuming and stormed out, but bumped in to his brother.

"Ve need to talk..."

Prussia gulped.


You slowly wiped the blood of his four head.

"You shouldn't have done that, Italy...For me."

"He shouldn't have fooled around with you!"

You sadden "I didn't want to see you hurt..."

"Ve~ its ok, Bella........I care about you" He blushed.

You kissed his four head; But Italy kissed your lips instead. He put his arms around your back and you put your arms around his neck.

"I-I..........Love you, Italy..."

"Ve~ I love you too, _____________"

You kissed Italy again.

Too bad for Prussia, He's in the basement with Germany...

THE END! =3=
I hope you like it! ^^

Request from - :iconmaracroft3: - I'M SO SORRY IT TOOK SO LONG! >.<

Oh and she wanted Italy to win you over. X3
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Germancest!!! SQUEEEEEEEEE
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Prussia's in the basement with Germany? 

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Story: "Too bad for Prussia, He's in the basement with Germany..."

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haha thank you very much, I'm happy you liked it~! ^7^
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:iconnoooooplz: I am so sorry Prussia!! I will let you claim my vital regions in the next FanFiction!! (prussia fangirl here)
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*shivers* But I can never see there.....Things... ¬//3//¬
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