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April 11, 2012
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Prussia X Canada: First Love.


Hey dudes, this is my first County X Country story...So sorry if it sucks. =w=;

(And that's why it's called first love, because it's my first yaoi story! >w< )

I hope you like it and sorry for Spelling and grammar..


Gilbert was looking at the gray sky, with snow falling softly on his hair and cloths. He loved looking at the sky and everything about it, but he was waiting for France and Antonio his best friends.

"Kesese Vell seems like a cool day, right Gilbird?" his red eyes looked up at his yellow bird on top of his head. He chirped and snuggles in his white hair, from the cold "Nawww don't Vorry, we'll be home soon. Hmmm Vhere the hell are they anyway?" he looked around to see them.

His bird then twitched, because he heard something and flied off "Hmm G-Gilbird? Vhere you going?" he followed him.

His bird went around a tree and landed on another head...A bears head. The white bear looked up, with an confused look "Who are you?" Gilbert's bird chirped "Oh…Ok.."

Gilbert went around as well and sees the white bear "Hmmm Vhy is there bear doing here?" he said confused.

"T-There you are..." he heard a voice whispers.  Another man picked up the bear and smiles "I-I told not to go, I was only gone for a second..."

Gilbert lightly blushed to see the man, wearing a red hoddy and has a weird curl on his head "Hello there.." he greeted.

The other man blushed, but smiled "H-Hello, My name is Matthew..."

Gilbert grins and points to himself "I'm the awesome Gilbert!"

Matthew smiles "I-I know who you are."

He looks at him blankly "Y-You know who I am?"

He nods "Y-Yeah, we go to the same school and..Even the same classe..."

"V-Ve do?"

Matthew smiled but felt hurt "Y-Yeah..English.."

"I'm sorry, I didn't know that kesese~!"

Gilbert's bird flew and landed on Matthew's head "I-I see he's your bird?"

He nods and was a bit confused "J-Ja..But he only goes on my head. Kesese he must like you!"

He blushed again "Well that's nice hehe.."

He saw his blush and places a hand on his forehead "Hmmm you have a cold?"

Matthew shook his head and blushed darker "N-No..."

Gilbert leans forward, so there faces were close "You sure, because you seem to be red.."

"No, no, I-I'm fine. R-Really hehe.." he smiled.

"Gilbert! Were are you, we need to go!" He heard a French accent.

"Yeah, the chicas can't wait!" Then hear a Spanish one.

"Oh sorry, I must go.." he walked to there voices, but turns back to him and smiles "I'll see you in English.."


Gilbert walked off and his yellow bird flied on top of his head, then Matthew's bear looked up at him "Who are you?"

"I'm Matthew, your owner.."



Gilbert was at English, pretty much looking through the window and watching the clouds go by. He heard the door open and turned to see a familiar face, which was Matthew from yesterday. He wanted to say Hi to him, but he sat next to someone who looked a bit like him. They must have been brothers or something, Gilbert thought.

"Class, today we are doing a pare group work. So pick someone to be with, please and get along well" the teacher said with a smile.

The person next toMatthew, who was his brother Alfred, Jumped up and laughed "Haha Arthur, Dude! I'm with you!"

The bushy eyebrow, with blond hair kid, growled while reading his book. Gilbert's friends Francis and Antonio were not in this class, so he had no one to be with...Until. He looked at Matthew, who was still alone in the corner with a sad look on his face.

Matthew was looking at the table and sighs 'Again...I'm alone, it always happens to me…" he thought.

"Hey Matthew!" he heard a voice next to him and a warm hand placed on his shoulder. He looked up and blushed, to see Gilbert with his huge grin on his face.

"May the awesome me, sit here Vith you?" he chuckled.

"Y-Yeah..Sure.." he looked at him blankly and Gilbert sat next to him. People saw this and start to whisper, wondering who was that kid next to a popular student...Well, the member of the bad trio touch and this made Matthew a bit uneasy.

"Hm? Something Vrong?" he looked at Matthew confused.

"P-People are staring.." he whispers, as he grippes his sleazes and Gilbert notices.

"So?" he said blankly.

"I-I don't like P-People staring.."

Gilbert laughed "Kesese Don't Vorry about that, I got your back!"

Matthew's eyes slowly looked at Gilbert's red ones "Y-You do..?"

He nods and grabbed his hand, to make him stop shaking and the fan girls of Gilbert squealed and whispers more. Matthew starts to blush more and his heart beat faster, but slowly gripped Gilbert's as well and smiled.

~~~After class it was dinner time!~~~

They walked out of class, with Gilbert still holding his hand. Matthew notice and took his hand back, then Gilbert turned to him "Vhat you doing for dinner?"

"W-What?" he looked at him.

"Dinner, Vhat you doing? You can sit with me and my friends"

"O-Oh, I don't want to be A-A bother..." he whispers.

"Nonsense! It Vould be cool to have you have there" he went behind Matthew and pushed him softly to the canteen.



"Ah I did her and her..Oh I so did her.." Francis said, while pointing at some girls around the canteen.

Antonio was next to him "Wait! You did her, but....I did as well..." They both looked at each other and laughed.

"Hey Guys!" Gilbert said, while taking Antonio's sandwich. Matthew then slowly sat next to Gilbert and fiddled with his fingers and looking at the table.

Antonio and Francis looked at each other and back to Gilbert "Hey Gilbert, who's that next to you?"

"Hmm?" he looked at them and swallowed his sandwich, then put his arm around Matthew "This is Matthew, my new friend! Ve Met yesterday, Vhile I was waiting for you guys kesese!"

Francis jumped "W-What!? Your New friend..Y-You're replacing me?" He then sob, but got hit by a sandwich.

"Calm down, froggy frog. He's in my English class and we're teaming up, do to some work"

His sobs turned to a grin "Ohohoho I see, so he's your playing toy we?"

Matthew and Gilbert blushed "N-NO! Ve only met yesterday and I want to get to know him as a friend!" Matthew felt a bit hurt on what he said and stood up "Hmm M-Matthew?"

Matthew put on a smile, but Gilbert could see through it "S-Sorry, but I must go.." He walked off, but went they couldn't see him...He ran.

"M-Matthew!" Gilbert stood up and ran after him.

"You go Gilbert!" Antonio said and laughed.


When no one was around, Matthew stopped to get his breath "I-I-It's ok Matthew, Y-You don't need A-Anyone…You can B-Be only again.." he whispers the last words and though he was going to cry, but heard someone saying his name. He was about to run again, but someone grabbed his wrist and pinned him to the wall.

"L-Let go of me!" he shut his eyes and try to get away.

"...M-Matthew...L-Look at me.." He whispers, but Matthew didn't listen. Gilbert leaned forward and whispers in his ear "Matthew...Open your eyes.." Matthew blushed when his felt Gilbert's lips on his ear and his breath going down his neck, that it made his back shiver.

"N-No...P-Please stop, Gilbert.." he looked away, even if he couldn't see. Gilbert loved how innocent and how he was blushing, that it made him want more. His kissed his jaw line and down to his neck, that Matthew bit his lip and whispers 'stop'. Matthew opened his eyes and turns to see dark red eyes looking at his, that it made his slightly scared.  

"G-Gilbert..?" he whispers softly, but Gilbert placed a finger to his lips.

"Shhh Matthew..." He was about to lean forward, but heard Girls squealing.

"Oh My God! There he is!" Then another girl pointed at them "Get him!"

"S-Shit! Run Matthew!" He grabbed Matthew's hand and ran down the corridor, to get away from the screaming girls. Matthew was trying to keep up and tried to breath, which meant Gilbert had to slightly drag him. When they turned the corner, he saw a door slightly open and went inside with Matthew. He locked the door and put his arms around Matthew, then pressed him up against the wall, so the girls won't see them. The girls ran pass the room and there feet were getting quiet, then were fully gone. After a few seconds Gilbert sighs and chuckles "F-Finally lost them…You ok Matthew?"

He looked down at him, to see his head on his chest and his hands on Gilbert's body "I-I-I'm ok..."

Gilbert sighs and lets go of him "S-Sorry, I just didn't wa-!" Matthew grabbed his collar and smashed his lips on his, so Gilbert did an 'oumf' noise. Gilbert blushed deeper, what Matthew did and was surprised by it. But he suck in to it and slowly put his arms around him, them Matthew slid his hands around Gilbert's neck. Gilbert pressed Matthew against the wall again and enters his tongue in the others mouth, that it made him moan. Matthew put his fingers through his white hair and tried to fight Gilbert's tongue, but failed. Gilbert then slid down his body, trying to feel him and then slid his hand under Matthew shirt But He stopped Gilbert's moves "W-Wait.." he breathed out.

"I-I know Vhe're going too fast...I-I just really want to feel you and be with you…" Gilbert blush saying that, while panting.

Matthew blushed deep, but then chuckled "I-I mean we can't do it H-Here...This is a class room hehe..."

"Oh....My place then?" Gilbert grins, which it made Matthew blushed.....But he nodded.


"So are you coming out tonight Gilbert, si?" Antonio said calling him.

Gilbert panted over the phone "M-Maybe not tonight, I-I'm a bit busy today..."

"Hohoho you busy on a woman?" Francis said, hearing Gilbert.

"....Y-You can say that, later guys!" he hanged up and tossed his phone a side, then looked down at Matthew on his bed. "You ready, babe? Kesese~" he said while leaning forward, kissing his lips....Oh and they're both shirtless.  >:3

Matthew put his arms around his neck and smiled "Y-Yeah, Just be gentle O-Ok?"

He grins "I'll try…"

THE END! //(^.^)//
YAY~! :iconyaycanadaplz: :heart: :iconyayprussiaplz:

I hope you like it and sorry it sucks, becasue it's my firt Country X Counrty story! ^^ :iconikissitplz:

Drawing belongs to - :iconyuki-natsumi: Thank you for letting me use it and you're a good artist! ^^ :heart:
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