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October 15, 2011
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Rome X Reader: Babysitter


No one requested this, I just thought it up. ^^

Sorry for spelling mistakes and bla bla bla! =D

I hope you enjoy it!


You were on the cough with Italy and Romano in your arms asleep. Rome said he was doing some 'Business' out, But you know he was getting the ladies.

You look down at the twin baby's and smiled 'They look sooooo cute!' You thought.

You have been a babysitter them for a few weeks now and you were close to Italy and Romano....... Even if there only two. And you got close to Rome as well, But he is mostly out with women, And You were sort of jealous...... Why?

You then heard the door open and closed, You turn to see Rome with two women around his strong arms.

"Hahahaha Ok, Ok You two go in my room, I'l be there in a few" He grinned.

The women walked to his room while Giggling. You sighed and stood from the cough.

"Rome, I'm I done for the day?" You walked up to him.

"Hmmm....? Oh _____________, I didn't know you were still here."

"Well..... Its my job to stay here until you come back"

You hate when he never noticed you and then smiles, Like it never happened.

"Ummm Well.... I need you to stay around for a bit so they wont disturbed me"

You frowned "Do you mean the baby's or the whores"

He was stunned to hear you say that and you turn your head away from him.

He placed his hands on your shoulders "Come on, ______________ Don't be like that" He smiled in his goofy way.

You shook your head "I..... I don't get you. Your there gran-farther and you never care for them. Your always out, Drinking, Singing and going out with women from the street. When I'm here taking care of your family and working my ass off for them. I think they like me better then you, I'm.... I'm.......... I'm So mad at you right now, You never care for me!"

He didn't say anything, only looking at you with upset eyes.

He took his hands off your shoulders "I'm......"

You shook your head and walked past him "Never mind, Just go to your room With the hookers" You slammed the door be hind you.


'I'm so going to get fired, for sure...... What happened to me back then'

You placed Italy and Romano in there crib and put a quilt over them both. You then heard some door open and shut loudly.

'What happened?' You thought.

You then hear another door open, You turn to see Rome who look upset.

"T-There gone"

You turn your head away from him "Good!"

You look down at Italy and Romano, They look so cute and happy. Rome walked next to you and looked at them as well.

"There little angels" He smiled.

"Yeah, I really do love them" You smiled and blushed.

Romano start to kick Italy in his sleep, You then tugged on his curl and he twitched, He went back to sleep. You did a quiet and soft laugh.

You then felt something around you "R-Rome?"

He smiled "Thank you for taking care of them, Your a beautiful and wonderful person" He start to kiss your neck.

You blushed "T-Thank you..... U-Ummm I don't think this is right"

He stopped "Why?"

"W-Well, I'm the babysitter A-And well......"

He turn you and hugged you tighter "I think its wonderful, Bella"

You blushed and hugged him as well, You didn't want him seeing your cheeks red. He tilted your head up.

"I love you, ____________" He leaned and gave you a kiss.

It was nice and soft, You put your fingers through his hair and he put his arms around your waist.


"Ahhhh R-Rome, T-That feels amazing!"

"_____________, Ahhh!"

"F-Faster, Harder!"

"As you wish, bella"

"ROME, Ahhhh!"


You slowly woke up and see Rome next to you naked, You stroke his hair.

"Morning Rome"

He slowly opened his eyes and smiled "You too, Bella" He then gave you a hug.

"Oh and Rome"


You looked into his eyes "I love you, too"

You both was about to kiss, Until you heard Italy and Romano Crying.

"Hehehe I should take care of them"

"You know your not getting paid for overtime"

You smiled "I know!"

THE END! ^.^
I hope you all ENJOY this! ^.^

It was just random and bla bla bla!

(Not a lot of people do Rome. =_=; )

Thank you! :hug:
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