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September 10, 2011
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Spain X Reader.

For a warning there is boob holding and swearing - just a heads up!


"Ve~ ______________!"

You turn to see Italy, jumping up and down like an idiot and by both of his sides was Germany and Japan

"Hi you three, you Ok?"

Italy grabbed your hands "Weeelllll My Brother, Romano's friend needs a place to stay. Sooooo I was wondering i......"

you shook your head "NO WAY! Not after last time when you came round and you keep sleeping on my bed" Germany and Japan looked away from you.

"BUT _________________, the guy is Spain"

You blushed, you always like Spain but he always hanged around France and Prussia. That everynight they get girls and let them come round there place.

"W-Well... I don't know"

you looked up at Italy who was giving you them puppy eyes

'DAME THEM, I CANT LOOK AWAY' you then sighed in defeat

"FINE! Ok"

Italy smiled and gave you a hug "THANK YOU, THANK YOU, Spain would be happy"

you nodded "yea, yea, so when is he coming round?"

Italy nodded "OH! Today" 'Great.....'


You were at home drinking some tea, when you heard the door knocked


You got up and walked towards the door and saw Spain with some bags

"Oh, Hi ______________!"

You nodded and move to the side to let him in "Sure"

He walked in and place the bags next to the couch.

"Do you want something to eat, drink?"

he looked at you and smiled "Yes, thank you"

you turn to the kitchen so he wont see you blushed "So Spain, whats wrong with your house?"

When you turn the kettle on, you turn to see Spain took a seat "Well my house is being repaired"

You looked at him confused "Why?"

He shook his head "Well Prussia an....."  

You cut him off "Oh I get it"

He looked at you confused "Y-You do?"

You turn to the kettle "yeaaa, if it has anything to do with Prussia and France believe me. I know"

He laughed "Well, Prussia did say he lived with you for a while... How did that go?"

You placed the cup of tea in front of him and sat beside him "Ummmm not good" he looked at you again

"Oh! How?"

You sighed "He tried to get me in bed with him"

You sipped your tea and saw Spain shocked


You nodded "Yeaaaa, sucks to be me"

He grabbed your hand that it made your cheeks red

"well don't worry, I'l protected you" he smiled and so did you.

"Thank you Spain......."


For the past few weeks You and Spain got to know each other very well and have most stuff in common..... But tonight was BAD!

You were in bed asleep when you heard the door down stairs, you heard Spain, France, Prussia and a few girls

"What the hell, Its 12:45AM"

You got up from your bed and grabbed a robe and stormed down stairs.

You saw Prussia on you couch with two girls and France with one girl in the corner of your room, but Spain wasn't around.

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU GUYS DOING" They all looked up at you.

"oh sorry me and my friends have to go" The girl said and stood up

"hohohoho I'l go take you home" France and the three girls walked towards the door And left but Prussia was still on you couch.

"Are you going Prussia"

He stood up and walked towards you "keseses don't worry I'l be going"

You can tell that hes drunk because his cheeks were red and he was a bit tipsy.

"Fine, then go"

You walked past Prussia to go to the kitchen but you felt someone grabbed your chest. you turn to see Prussia close behind you, that he was rubbing against you.

"P-Prussi..." you got cut off when Prussia squeezed you breast that it made you moan a little.

He grinned "But first... Lets have some fun" He then slammed you on the wall, with him still behind you.


He then start kissing you neck roughly "When you said no to me, it made me mad... So I have to do it by hand"

He was untying your robe but someone flung him across the room, you turned slowly to see Spain there in front of you.

"_______________, are you o..."

You gave him a hug tightly "Thank god your hear"

Tears ran down your face and you felt Spain put his arms around you.

"I said I protect you, didn't I."

You and Spain turn around to see Prussia "WHAT THE HELL MAN!"

Spain looked at him with a straight face "You cant hurt ______________"

Prussia grinned "OH I see you have a thing for her, Kesesese"

'WHAT! He.... Likes me?' you blushed.

Spain shouted "GET OUT!"

Prussia stood up "OK FINE! I'L GO!" Prussia waked towards your door and left.

"Ummm Spain" Spain turn to you and you saw his cheeks red.

"Yes?" you looked down.

"Is that tr...." you were cut off by Spain kissing you and you kissed him back. You put your arms around Spain's neck and He put his arms around your waist to make your body's close.

"I love you, _____________" You looked up at him and smiled.

"I love you too, Spain"

You both gave another kiss and that end the night.......?



Italy turn to see you running at him "Oh, Hi _____...."

You gave him a tight hug "Thank you" You kissed his cheek and run back.

"Ve~ It finally worked" Italy said with a grin on his face.


Request form :iconraymation:


(Story by me)

(picture and Hetalia I don't, so don't get mad at me)
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Italy! You sneaky son-of-a-b***h. Germany needs to keep a better eye on you. You're smarter than you appere.
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Feliciano Vargas, I always knew you were a smart country, and that Ludwig underestimated you, and now….Giant Buddies Hug 
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