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October 11, 2011
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Spain X Reader: His Dream


Sorry for spelling mistakes and Bla Bla Bla =_='

Hope you like it.

ENJOY! >//////////<;


You and Antonio are on a field filled with white and yellow flowers.

"_______________" He said softly.

You turn to him and smiled "Yes, Antonio?"

He walked up to you and tilted your head up.

"Mi Amor" - [My love....... I think that's right?]

He leaned in and nibbled on you ear, he love The moans you made. He then pinned you on the ground and nibbled your neck.

"You don't know how long I wanted to do this"

"A-Antonio...... You need to wake up"

He looked at you confused "W-What!?"

You smiled and placed both hands over his eyes.

'Wake up, Wake up, Wake up, Wake up'


Antonio opened his eyes and lifted half of his body, He jumped a bit when A pillow hit his face.

"I said wake up, you bastard! I don't want to be late again!" Lovino said and stormed out of the room.

He rubbed his head "Oh, it was a dream again...... How come it stops when I'm going to the good part"

Antonio has liked you for awhile, But you two don't really talk much. You hang around by your self, While Antonio hangs out with Gilbert and Francis.


Antonio parked his car and Lovino left.

"Have a good day!" Antonio waved with a grin on his face.

"Go fuck yourself" And he left.

When he went to the College and walked down the hallway, He then bumped into someone.

"Oh, I'm sor.....!" He the blushed to see he bumped into you.

You looked at him confused "I-Is something wrong?"

He shook his head "Oh no, I'm sorry"

"Hey Antonio!"

He turn to see Gilbert and Francis.

"Oh hey you guys!"

"Hey who are you talking to?" Francis pointed at you.

You sighed "I'm _______________. I'm in some of your classes"

"Ummmmmm no, I don't remember you? But you remember the AWESOME GILBERT!"

You then walked off "Yeah.... Ok"

Antonio sighed "How come I can't tell her"

".........Ohhhhhhh! Is that the chick you like?"

He nodded.

"Hmmmm Why do you like her!? She's not really...... Good looking"

Antonio grabbed Francis collar "Its not about whats in the out side, Its whats in the inside, You bastard!"

"Ok, Ok..... Sorry" He looked at him blankly.

'I think she is beautiful and smart and funny......... But, I really don't know her about her much.....'


It was Spanish for Antonio and you were in this class. He sat on a random chair and start think about you in his dream.

'N-No Antonio..... S-Stop, Please!'
'I know you love this, ______________. I want to feel your body'
'Ahhhh Antonio!'

He then snapped out when he heard someone.

"Can I sit here?"

He looked up to see you..... 'Was she blushing?'

"Ummm sure!"

You sat next to him and placed your bag on the tabled.

'Oh my god, Antonio. Don't get a hard on!'

You scratched the back of your head "Yeah, Sorry for this, Miss thinks its better if I sit next to you. Because..... I'm kind of bad at Spanish"

He looked at you confused "Then..... Why did you pick Spanish?"

You turn to him "Well..... I would love to go to Spain, You know. Its so lovely there And..... I would love to see the sights"

Antonio blushed "W-Well, I was born there. It is Great!"

You smiled and blushed deeply "W-Well, This might sound..... Weird, But...... What if we go together?"

He was stunned on what he said 'S-She what!?'

She shook her head "N-Never mind! We don't really know each other that well yet so....."

He cut you off "No, No I would love to....... What if we lean some Spanish at my place"

You smiled the nodded "Sure, I would love that"


After College, You and Antonio when to his house and Lovino went to his brother's.

You were in his car.

"S-So Antonio, I don't get why you hang out with them two. Your not really like them"

He blushed "W-Well, We took care of each other years back and we became best friends"

"That's nice"

"But..... I don't get why, Your alone?"

You looked away from him "I-I don't know either ..... Maybe because the way I look..."

He shook his head "Why do people think that!"


"I don't care what you look like! I like you for the person you are in the inside!"

You blushed "W-What!? Y-You said..... You like me?"

He Blushed like a tomato "Ummmmm W-Well I mean....... As friends! Hehehehe"


'I want it to be more....' You thought.


When you arrived at his housed you went in side.

"Wow, Its beautiful!"

He smiled "Thank you! You want anything?"

"Ummm A glass of water can be fine"

He went in the kitchen and you sat on the couch. When he came back he placed it on the table.

"Thank you" You sipped it.

"No problem!"

He then grabbed your hand and both of you blushed.

"L-Lets go to my room"

"U-Um Ok"

You both walked up stairs and went in his room. You saw a poster with a tomato on it, You couldn't help but laugh.

"I see you like tomato's, Hahaha"

He grinned "I do, There Great. Do you?"

You nodded "Yeah, There great with pasta"

You then sat on his bed and Laid on your back "God, I'm tired!" You then closed your eyes.

He blush to see a bit of your stomach and panties when you stretched.

'Don't do it, Don't do it, Don't do it, Don't do it!'

He gulped and walked over to you 'I want to'

You breath deeply and was silent.

"Hey Anto...."

You were cut off when you felt something soft on your lips, You opened your eyes and saw Antonio.


He the grabbed both of your arms on your sides and start to kiss your neck "You don't know how long I wanted to do this, _____________. Your all ways in my dreams and thoughts and I can't stop"

"A-Antonio....... You didn't think I was going to say no...."

He looked at you and saw you blush "W-What!?"

You looked into his eyes "I-I like you as well" You smiled softly.

"S-So you don't mind this...?"

"I don't mind"

He let go of you and you put your arms around him. You then start to kiss him and he did as well, He hugged you closer to him so there was no gape between you. You moaned when you felt something on your leg.

You looked down and blushed, then back to Antonio "U-Ummm Antonio?"

He did a sly smile and kissed you again.


Both of you did do your Spanish that night.

"Ahhh Antonio! M-Más rápido, Por favor!" - [F-Faster, Please!]

"_-___________! te sientes tan bien" - [You feel so good!]


" Ahhh Estoy casi alli!" - [Ahhh I'm almost there!]

THE END! .////.
Sorry for it being short and if I got the Spanish Wrong. =_=;

Request from - :iconkemonekko123:

I hope you all like it! :hug:

The sequal - [link] (Lemon) ^//.//^

(Story by me)
(Hetalia is not)
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