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October 9, 2011
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Sweden X Reader: Drunk Night


Sorry..... For posting A LOT of story's in a day...... I'M JUST SOOO BORED! =_=;

For real, This make me happy doing story's and Having laugh with you guys. =3

Awwwww....... Well Enjoy!


'Owww My head....'

You slowly woke up with a banging headache and felling dizzy.

'W-What happened last night?'

You Then realized you weren't alone............ You slowly turn to see Sweden next to you, on your bed ......... NAKED!


He slowly opened his eye, lifted half of his body up and rubbing his eyes.

"M-Morning....." He slowly turn to you and looked up and down. It took him awhile.

"...........................Oh....... Were naked..." He said calmly.


He yawned "Well....... We did it because we like each other..... And it was your idea having...... Well, You know"

You started to rub your head. Then it hit you what you did last night.


~~~24 Hours ago~~~

You have not been out of your house for a few days. Your boyfriend........ Well, Ex-Boyfriend, Was cheating on you and you were heart broken.

Your phone rang and you answered "Hello" You said not caring.

"Hey, ________________! You finally answered your phone!"

You sighed "Finland...... What do you want?"

"Well, I told you about my party a few weeks ago REMEMBER!"

You face palmed 'Right! Finland is having a party today'

"Yeah, Yeah I remember"

"Are you coming!?"  

You sighed again "Sure, I got nothing else to do"

You hung up.


You put on your cloths and walked to Finland's house.

'When I'm going to the party, I'm sooooo going to get drunk. I need to stop thing about him'

When you knocked on the door and Finland popped up.

"_________________, You came!"

He let you in "So where is your drinks?"

He pointer at his bar "Its over there"

You hugged him "It nice seeing you" You walked off.

"Ummm Ok?"

When you walked to the bar you bumped in to someone, You looked up to see one of your close friend, Sweden.

"_____________. So you did come"

You nodded "Yeah, Yeah I'm just here because of Finland"

He nodded "I heard what happened...... Sorry"

You shook your head "No, No don't worry about it"

"If you need anything, Just ask ok"

You nodded and walk past him.


Sweden tried to find you again, But you were nowhere to be fond. Until he heard cheering near The bar. When he walked up he saw you and Prussia AND empty beers around you both.

"Come on, _______________. You can't beat THE AWESOME ME!"

You laughed "Yeah right! I can beat your ass any day!"

You and Prussia's face's were red from drunkenness and both jugged other beer down.

"ANOTHER!" You both said.

Germany walked behind Prussia "Come on Bruder, You need to go home" He lifted Prussia.

"NO! I need to beat this chick!" Prussia try to get him off but Germany dragged him off.

"HA! Seeeeee I won!"

People walked away from you back to the party, But not Sweden.

He walked up to you and sighed "You know, _____________. Your really not a drinker"

You laughed "Yeah, Yeah just go back to your happy life and HAPPY friends and Happy....... DOG!"

He looked at you confused "W-What...... Never mind, I'm taking you home" He lift you up.

"Awwww What, I'm having a wonderful time"  You put your arm around Sweden.

"Come on, Join me!"

He sighed and walked you home.


You flung open your door, Sweden arm is around you because you a bit tipsy.

"Hey. Hey. Hey Sweden..... Hey. Hey. Hey" You smiled.

He sighed "What?"

You then grinned and pocked his face "You know...... My roommate isn't home, So its just you and me"

He blushed "C-Come on"

He plopped you on the couch and sat next to you.

But you stood up and walked to the kitchen. When you came back you were holding a few beers.

"_-_____________, You had enough. No go to bed!"

You opened the one of the beers and jugged it down. When you stopped you look upset.

"........Why........? Why, did he cheat on me with......... That whore and Not say sorry"

He turn to you and saw you upset. He then put his arm around you.

"You don't need him. Hes just the past now"

You smiled "Thank you, Sweden. You are the nice ones"

You then kissed him on the cheek, He blushed.  

"Hey, Sweden"


You smiled "Do you want a drink?"

He sighed "Fine....... But only one drink"

~~~6 drinks later~~~

"Hahahaha You remember when I said, Finland was my wife!"

You nodded "Yeah and The time when he was a sleep and we placed a bowl with warm water in his hand!"

You both burst out laughing and arms around each other. Both of you were TOTALLY PISSED and had WAYYY too many to drink!

"HAHAHAHAHA God! You know what..... I don't need him to make me happy. I got my friend right here"

He nodded.

"But there is a problem"

He turn to you "Oh!? Whats that?"

You giggled "You know Sweden......? Well, I kind of liked him for awhile now and Maybeee Love him"

He blushed and then smiled "Well..... I think Sweden will be happy about that!"

You both looked each other and leaned in.

"I love you, _____________. I all ways have"

You both gave a Sloppy but soft kiss. He put his arms around you and you put your fingers through his hair. He went on top of you and started to rub your thigh. He then started to kiss your neck and then nibble on your collarbone. then started to un-botton your top, But you stopped him.

You moaned "S-Sweden"


"C-Can we do this..... In my room"

He smiled and gave you another kiss "Sure!"

He lift you up bridal style and went up stairs.


"S-Sweden, Ahh! F-Faster!"

"God, _____________! Shout out my name!"

"Ahhh SWEDEN!"


~~~Back to Present~~~

You blushed and turn to Sweden.

"W-Well........ That was a fun night!"

He smiled and hugged you "Oh and you forgot to say something"

"W-What?" You looked up at him.


You gave him a soft kiss and hugged him as well.

"I love you, too Sweden"

Hope you like it! =)

GOD, I'm bored! =_=;

Request from - :iconcheese1231:

(Story be me)
(Hetalia is not)
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GamerGirl0002 Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2014  Student Digital Artist
What the FUCK did i just Fucking read
DarkCupcakeQueen Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2014
Drunk Sweden is amazing! I laughed so much at how polar opposite he is from his sober self, love it!
badassgermanchick Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I laughed so hard at drunk Sweden , I still am >u< This was fantastic !
DetectiveDucktape Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
The reader sounds like Ticci Toby in some parts of this story -.-
JZFinland-1 Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm English and part Italian. we are both known for our inability to hold our alcohol. WHY THE DUCK AM I DRINKING!?!!
Skribble-Chibi Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2014  Student General Artist
and i am german, i can lend you some of my talents for the ability to stay sober XD :D
JZFinland-1 Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Skribble-Chibi Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2014  Student General Artist
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No Problem:)
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