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October 16, 2011
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(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
Turkey X Reader: jealousy


U-Ummmm T-This contains Sexual parts S-So........ .//////.

E-ENJOY! >/////<


You were very close with Turkey because he took care of you when you were really injured in war and he helped you out. But you got Kind of jealous when he hangs out with Girls Hotter then you.

"H-Hey Turkey..." You blushed.

It was after the world meeting.

"Hey, ____________ Whats up?" He grinned.

"I was just wondering, if...... You want to get a beer afterward?" You looked down.

He laughed "Yes, _______________! Anything with my special friend" He pat your back.

You blushed deeply 'But, I want to be more.......'

You both arrived at the bar and sat in stools in front of the bartender. You order your drinks and sat in quietness.

"So, ________________. There has to be some reason you invited me here, No?" He grinned.

You blushed and looked away "U-Ummm well....... There is....... I just want to say, Thank you helping me"

"hmmm? With what?"

You frowned "W-When It was war and you helped me with my injuries......... Thank you" You smiled at him.

"Oh....... ______________, You don't have to say thank you. I really wanted to help you" He said softly.

"Here you go!" The bartender placed two drinks in front of you two.

"Lets drink!" He smiled and you nodded.


'Just tell him how you feel........ God this is going to be hard'

You sighed "H-Hey Turke......" You heart stopped when Turkey was talking with two other women next to him.

'He's tired of me......... Fine'

You stood up and grabbed your bag, Turkey realized this.

"Hey, _________________ Where you going?" He looked at you confused.

"I'm going home. I'l leave you with the women........ again"

You were walking to the door but Turkey grabbed your arm.

"___________________ Stop, please. What do you mean?" He frowned.

You Couldn't hold it in anymore, You yanked your arm away from Turkey and slapped him across the face.

"W-What do I mean! I mean, With your fooling around. I'm I just no one to you, A joke! You don't know how I feel when your with other women!" You felt tears running down your face.

He looked at you shocked and surprised "_-_______________" He put his hand in front of you to hold you, But you slapped it away.

"Don't touch me!" You then ran out of the pub in the rain. Leaving Turkey....... Alone.


You finally arrived at your house and put some dry cloths on.

'........What have I done....... I lost my crush......... And friend' You thought.

You sat on your cough and was about to fall asleep, Until you heard your front door banging away. You stood up and walked towards the door, When you opened it you saw Turkey soaked.

"L-Leave me alone"

You shut the door in Turkeys face, But he Used his strong hand to open it.

"_________________" said with a strict face.

You shook your head and ran upstairs, You heard your front door shut. You entered your room and you felt something holding your wrist. Turkey shut your door and pinned you on your door.

"I-I said leave me and let me go" You tried to loos from his grip but he hold you down.

"___________________, I'm sorry. I never knew you had feelings for me....... I thought you like me as a friend"

You shook your head "God dame it, Turkey! I liked you for ages now and you never realized!" More tears were running down your face.

"Please don't cry" He wiped your tears way.

"L-Let go of me" You said softly.

He then tilted your head up to him "Never"

He then placed a kiss on your lips, You blushed deeply and closed your eyes. He put his arms around you and you put you fingers through his hair.

"S-Seni Seviyorum, Turkey" You blushed.

"Seni Seviyorum, _____________" - [I love you]

You then put your legs around his waist and he walked you to the bed. He placed you on the bed and he took off his coat and shirt so you can see his muscular body. You slid your hands on his body and took off his mask.

He then kissed you again and this time entered his tongue in your mouth, You moaned and did the same thing. He then start to un-button your top revealing your breasts to him. He licked his lips and took off your top, He leaned in and start to lick and suck your nipple. You moaned out with pleasure, He loved it and groped your other breast and Twist you nipple with his fingers.

"Ahhh T-Turkey" You moaned out.

He then slid your pants away from you and your panties. He then looked at your naked body in front of him and saw you blushing. He grinned and started you kiss your neck and collarbone. He then kissed down your body and went past your breast and licked your stomach. He then moved your legs apart and moved more down.

"This will taste good"

He then start to lick you clit and entered his tongue into you, You moaned out more.

"Turkey Ahhhh. T-That feels good!"

You moved your fingers through his hair and titled your head back of the pillows. He then entered two fingers inside you and moved them in and out.

"Ahhh! Turkey stop, I'm nearly....Ahhhh!"

You were about to climax any minute, He didn't stop until you did. A feeling was building up inside you and it was going to explode. You then moaned out his name and climaxed, You were panting and your face was red.

He then came back up and took of his pants and boxers He then grabbed both sides of your waist and kissed your lips.

"You ready" He grinned.

"J-Just be gentle, I'm still a virgin" You smiled.

He nodded and slowly pushed his length inside you, You moaned out in pleasure and in pain. He kissed your tears away and slowly coming in and out of you.

"Be strong, _____________" He said softly.

"AHHH T-Turkey, P-Please go faster" You moaned out.

"As you wish"

He then start to get faster into you, Moaning in pleasure you dug your fingers in to his back that he moaned a little. Every time he came inside you faster and harder, You can feel to you climax.

"T-Turkey, I-I'm nearly there!"

"Ahhhh S-Same here........ Ahhh I'm going to come!"

You the moaned out his name when you spilled and Turkey spilled his seed inside you. Both of you were panting and feel so much pleasure and love. He came out of you and laid next to you on the bed and put the quilt over you both.

"T-That was....... Amazing" You smiled and both gave each other a hug.

"Your mine now, _____________" He smiled.

You both drifted off to sleep.


You slowly woke up and saw Turkey hugging you closely, You kisses his four head.

"Morning my Turkey"

THE END! >//////<
16+ -_-;

S-Shut up A-And I hope you like it! >///////<

Request from :icon1gambleroffate0:

And sorry for spelling mistakes as well, -_-;

E-Enjoy! ./////.
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